Oddarr, son of Odd

a Man of the Lake and would-be swashbuckling minstrel


Culture: Man of the Lake Standard of Living: Prosperous
Blessing: Tenacious
Calling: Wanderer Shadow Weakness: Wander-lust
Specialties: Minstrelsy, Trading, Folk-lore
Distinctive Features: Merry, Nimble
Body: 5 (7) Heart: 7 (8) Wits: 2 (5)

Common Skills

  • Awe: 1 Inspire: 1 Persuade: 3
  • Athletics: 2 Travel: 2 Stealth: 0
  • Awareness: 2 Insight: 2 Search: 0
  • Explore: 1 Healing: 2 Hunting: 0
  • Song: 3 Courtesy: 2 Riddle: 2
  • Craft: 2 Battle: 1 Lore: 1

Weapon Skills

  • Sword: 2
  • Bow: 1
  • Dagger: 1


  • None


  • Trader’s Savvy


  • Sword: Damage 5, Edge 10, Injury 14, Enc 2
  • Bow: Damage 5, Edge 10, Injury 14, Enc 1
  • Buckler: +1 Parry, Enc 2
  • Leather shirt: Armor 1D, Enc 4

Endurance Rating: 29
Hope Rating: 15

Temporary Shadow: 1 Permanent Shadow: 0
Wisdom: 2 Valour: 2
Experience: 4 Total Experience: 4
Treasure: 0 Standing: 0


Oddarr was born to a middling family, not of the old Dalish nobility nor of the great merchant magnates that sat on the Twon Council. Yet they were deeply tied to Lake-town nonetheless. His mother a healer, and his father a warrior of some renown who, along with a few chosen comrades, had quite a few stories to tell. Yet Oddarr never heard his father’s stories: His father always seemed to have only the time for young Odd Oddson, Oddarr’s older brother.

Instead, Oddarr and his twin sister Edda learned the legends and myths at the lap of their Old Nan, delighting in the fantasies she wove. While Edda soon grew up out o it and become more and more focused on her prospect, Oddarr took it deeply into heart, learning the songs through the fiddle wherever he could go. He dreamed of being a part of the legends his Old Nan told, even after she passed on.

Eventually, the legend did finally came, as Esgaroth burned under the fires of Smaug. That harrowing journey and eventual return left Oddarr feeling out of place. Odd, his father, died from a festering wound sustained during the Battle of Five Armies where he acted heroically, and with his dying wishes Odd made arrangements for his family to come into a new life.

Indeed, one of Odd’s battle comrades, Halfdan, had become Thegn of the Narrows, for his own heroism witnessed by the new King Bard. Now that Edda has come of age, Odd’s will can be realized as his widower comrade is to be wed to his daughter, bringing his family as well into the new Dalish nobility. Odd Oddson, his eldest son, has become a King’s Man and entered the personal company of King Bard himself as well!

For Oddarr, the future seems uncertain. He knows that Edda approves little of the match made for her. With his brother in the black Company, and his mother and sister arranging to live in the estates on the northern marches, it seems that Oddarr will inherit the little rowhouse on the plank in Esgaroth. Without family, it will seem quite empty.

Oddarr, son of Odd

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